Vacation in Samaipata


     Vacation on the finca (6 ha), if only for a couple of days, leaves you with an undeniable sense of harmony. The natural beauty of it, achieved through unwavering commitment to organical slow living. An invitation to inspiration.


     As we are living in the Samaipata area more than 30 years now, we are able to inform you about local hikes & tours, food & drinks, Spanish classes & cultural events. We have a personal network of the best guides & chauffeurs, artists & artisans, therapists and other dedicated locals in all kind of interesting areas. 


     We can arrange transfers (2-3 hours) to La Víspera from Viru Viru airport or hotels in Santa Cruz v.v., as well as national air tickets and hotel bookings.


     In the Garden Café we serve delicious food. Games, puzzles, photo books and comics are at hand. Also an Inca chessboard  and a  shuffleboard inviting a game; Wifi connection.


     Our library offers books on local flora & fauna, herbs & organic farming, birds- & travel guides. We swap & sell books and maps.


     Retreats: The finca is an unique place to reconnect with yourself: natural beauty combines with a pure healthy cuisine and careful attention to detail.

We have massage, meditation & yoga spaces and facilities. Samaipata is the home of various devoted therapists. On appointment, the therapist of your choice comes to the finca or you walk to her studio in the village.




Local Highlights


Parque Nacional Amboró
A national treasure full of life and wonder

Cóndor watching
Observe this majestic creature in its habitat

Perfect spots to swim and hike 


El Fuerte

Ancient Pre- & Incan ruins with amazing views.


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