Diplomatic Club Heart Tent, Riyadh; designed by Frei Otto, one of our most admired architects.



Open Space


      The Finca has always been a playground. She guided us in realizing our

fantasies and dreams. She stirred up hidden talents in staff, volunteers and

guests. All this took form in what the finca is now: an awe-inspiring place. 


      Together with a dedicated staff we manage to run the finca well. Along

with that, a stream of New Ideas is sometimes overwhelming us. Exciting,

for sure, but to take on more activities could harm our precious balance.


       That's why we would like to transform the finca into a model of 

Sharing the place, with creative & active others: Open Space.

And here YOU can come in. 


Some appropriate options:

Workshops eco-construction, health food, growing & processing herbs,

               organic farming, permaculture, Transition Town Bolivia, 

               alternative water- & energy management, recycling

Concerts in Casa 'Akasha' uphill

Community of Pensionados buy or build your last house, mutual care

Retreats massage, yoga, reiki, meditation, tai chi, jin shin jyutsu

Reconnection with flora & fauna, natural silence for schoolchildren

Community garden, grow your own vegetables, herbs, flowers

Nursery endemic trees, biological seeds

Start your own club on our sports field: tennis, volleyball, football

Holiday camp for children, hut building, marcial arts, fresh air

Therapy center detox, destress, obese children, therapeutic art & craft

University courses farmacy-, gastronomy-, biology-, agronomy-students

Artist in Residence theater, music, sculpt & carve, painter, art & craft,

                 courses drawing from nature, vintage-fashion, recycling clothes,

                 sewing- and knitting-classes...

The Good Life Festival: culture, spirituality, slow-life style, lectures,

                 workshops, healing, life music, dance, bonding...

Open house visitors days: Nature Interpretation Path, organic farming,

                 natural building and landscaping, slow food lunch included 


More to come?














An invitation

If you feel the urge to undertake

a specific activity or you have a

splendid idea, feel free to

present your plan...